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Mad Growth Media is a social media management agency located in Ottawa, Ontario. We provide small businesses and brands with reliable solutions to promote business growth by expanding online presence and attracting the right clientele. We promise to save you time and money by revamping and automating your social media presence. Find peace of mind knowing your platforms are being taken care of so you can free up your time and focus on the aspects of your business that need you the most.


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We create content that encourages your audience to engage with your business in a meaningful way. Start meaningful conversations with content created to support your specific business goals. Through written word, photos or film, Mad Growth Media will produce authentic content pieces that consistently start a conversation and capture the attention of your ideal customers. 



As a business owner you do not have the time to spend on researching the perfect times and the perfect content to push out to your audience on a consistent schedule. Let us automate your social media content distribution through excellent written texts, photos and film. Take the guesswork out of distributing your content by automating the process. Mad Growth Media will do the research and distribute your content at the right time, frequency and on the right platform to meet your branding and business goals so you can sit back and watch the mad growth happen. 



Whether you are selling, motivating or educating your audience about your industry, Mad Growth Media will ensure your clients feel extra inspired through active community engagement and constant revamping of your content plan to ensure that as you grow your content strategy grows with you. 

Social Media Packages

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We offer three packages to keep your audiences engaged.  Scroll below the packages to learn more about our training and video creation services.

Automation Plan

$300-$500 / Month

  • Account set up and management
  • Audience engagement
  • Regular posts/updates on 1-2 social media platforms
  • Monthly content planning, strategy and calendar sessions
  • All imagery and content to be provided by you

Creation & Automation

$750-$1,000 / Month

  • Account set up and management
  • Audience engagement
  • Regular posts/updates on 2-3 social media platforms
  • Monthly content planning, strategy and calendar sessions
  • Authentic content creation

YouTube Essentials

custom pricing

  • Coaching in filming and production of videos
  • Video Editing
  • Upload video to YouTube and other social media channels
  • Monthly content planning, strategy and calendar sessions
  • Video distribution

Package FAQ's

Questions about social media packages
What platforms can you post to?

We work on many of the popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

What is audience engagement?

The best way to keep customers interacting with your brand on social media is to respond quickly to comments, questions and direct messages. We will manage this aspect of your social accounts for you.

How do you get content?

In the Automation package, you provide us with the content, images and video you want posted. The Creation & Automation package, we will create custom content for you.

What payment types do you take?

We currently accept credit cards via Square, e-Transfer and cheques.

What are your contract terms?

We will chat with you about the terms and limitations of our services when we first meet. We do offer clients the ability to cancel their package prior to month-end.

Social Media Services

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Looking to learn to manage your own social media presence? Mad Growth Media now offers coaching and video creation services.

  • Create and set up social media accounts of your choice  or review settings if you already have them set-up
  • Review ways of finding content and license-free images
  • Learn how to use each social platform (basic functions, best uses, how to upload and interact with your audience)
  • Discover how to respond to comments to keep people connected and coming back to your page
  • Learn to create and implement a monthly editorial calendar to keep you accountable and organized with your social media strategy
  • A consultation to discuss strategy and goals
  • Create original digital content  for you to use on all your social platforms
  • Provide raw photography and videography
  • Provide edited imagery and video
  • Content created at the location of your choice or remotely

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